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A Wider Bridge is building a movement of LGBT people, Jews and non-Jews, choosing to engage with Israel and its LGBT community in meaningful and personal ways. As a pro-Israel voice from within the LGBT community, we are changing the tone of the conversation about Israel in communities across North America, and we are mobilizing support for LGBT organizations in Israel.

Since 2010:

Five Impactful Israel Missions
We have led five LGBT missions to Israel and an international LGBTQ Leadership Conference in Tel Aviv, that have brought more than 200 LGBT leaders to Israel, Jews and non-Jews together. Many of our trip participants become our ambassadors, bringing their experiences in Israel to their own networks and communities at home.

A Wider Bridge’s Israel LGBTQ Mission attending a landmark discussion on transgender people at the Knesset in Jerusalem (June 2015)

(From left to right) CEO of The Aguda Oded Frid, Seattle Mayor Ed Murray, A Wider Bridge’s Executive Director Arthur Slepian at the Global LGBT Leadership Conference (June 2015)

Demonstrating Pro-Israel & LGBT Thought Leadership and Countering BDS
Over the past few years, we have become recognized as thought leaders in both the pro-Israel and pro-LGBT movements, as important advocates both for the global LGBT struggle for equality and against those who promote BDS (the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement) and the delegitimization of Israel.

AWB with the leaders of Jerusalem Open House at the 2016 Creating Change Conference in Chicago, the site of anti-Israel mass protests

Unprecedented Israeli LGBT Visits to North America
We have brought LGBT leaders and artists from Israel to more than a dozen cities across North America to showcase and build support for their work. More than 12,500 people have attended our programs and learned about LGBT life in Israel.

Leaders of KALA – the new Ethiopian-Israeli LGBT Organization visited the US for the first time this April.

A Far-Reaching Online Platform
We have built an online magazine at www.awiderbridge.org that is recognized as a leader in our field, and now attracts more than 11,000 readers per month. More than 25,000 people follow us on Facebook.

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 2.24.59 PM
An example for a story from our website that created a discussion on social media (May 2016)

Our Future
As A Wider Bridge looks to the future, we will continue to position AWB as both an advocate for Israel and for global LGBT equality. Using our expertise in bridging international communities, we will continue to amplify pro-Israel voices
both in and outside the LGBT space, and leverage our growing network of influence in support of LGBT equality in Israel and around the world.

For more about A Wider Bridge, visit www.awiderbridge.org

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