Our Impact

A Wider Bridge builds meaningful engagement between Israeli and North American LGBTQ communities. 


Through education, programming, missions, advocacy, relationship building and grantmaking, we work to combat antisemitism and advance LGBTQ inclusion in Israel society. We provide LGBTQ leaders, influencers and allies – both Jews and non-Jews – with opportunities to connect with Israel’s vibrant LGBTQ communities and the democratic Jewish State.

We engage LGBTQ leaders and their communities in nuanced, constructive discussions and relationships with Israelis and the North American Jewish community. We give high priority to fostering positive discourse around even the most contentious issues. Our Israel missions, Beyond the Bridge Alums Network, educational programs, and community events showcase the lives of Israelis working to build a fair and decent society. Members of our network often share positive and detailed descriptions of the Israelis they have met through A Wider Bridge in their work to combat anti-Israel and antisemitic activity.

Our Impact Grants Program has been highly effective in building a more cohesive Israeli LGBTQ community, increasing its capacity, and fostering close ties between North American LGBTQ organizations and their counterparts in Israel, including the LGBTQ Israelis who are religious, women, trans, Ethiopian, Mizrahi, Arab, youth, living in the periphery, and more

LGBTQ Mission to Israel, A Wider Bridge

Engaged more than 1000 LGBTQ leaders in community organizations, elected officials, business, religion, and media who understand and broadly share their positive appreciation for Israel and its LGBTQ community

LGBTQ Mission to Israel, A Wider Bridge

250 influential participating each year through in-person and virtual engagement experiences with Israel – with 5 missions in 2022

We Refuse to Choose, Jewish Inclusive Pride Flag, Florida

More than 30,000 reached annually through online engagement with social media and our strategic communications 

Impact Grants, OTOT Beit Dror, LGBTQ Israel

Support dozens of Israeli LGBTQ Organizations through our Impact Grants program.  

Jewish Inclusive Pride Flag,, Pride Flag

The Jewish Inclusive Pride Flag, created by A Wider Bridge, became the flag that represents the LGBTQ Jewish Progressive Community around the world 

Beyond The Bridge, Alums network, A Wider Bridge

More than 300 North American and Israeli LGBTQ (and allied) Beyond the Bridge alums in our network of change makers, committed to advancing equality in Israel and everywhere through community education, engagement, and public advocacy.

See What Our Community has to Say

When A Wider Bridge advocates for equality in
Israel and equality for Israel, it is translating Tikkun Olam from a general slogan into a
practical call of action.

Issac Herzog President of Israel

I am LGBTQ, progressive, and pro-Israel, and I came to discover that the leading organization
at the intersection of LGBTQ and progressive and pro-Israel politics is A Wider Bridge.

Ritchie Torres U.S Representative

I believe that the support that we get
from A Wider Bridge is crucial in continuing
some of the most vulnerable programs
that are not funded anywhere else and
would not exist were it not for A Wider

Nurit Shein Ha’Aguda Board Member

A Wider Bridge’s grants give us the
feeling that we’re important and what we
do is important.. We know that we can go
and change things, so thank you for that

Elisha Alexander Former CEO, Ma’avarim

A Wider Bridge is the organization I want to devote my time and attention to. This
is the organization that stands for the most important value: equality for all.

Dr. Anita Friedman

In a world where pro-Israel LGBTQ folks are silenced and aren’t welcome in many queer
spaces, it’s crucial to have an organization like A Wider Bridge that proudly states
“We Refuse to Choose”.

Liz Schwartz

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