Mission and Values

A Wider Bridge connects LGBTQ communities in North America and in Israel to expand equality in Israel and for Israel. We support on-the-ground advocates within LGBTQ communities in Israel fighting for inclusion and cultivate opportunities for North America’s LGBTQ communities to learn about and engage with Israel. We believe that by fostering meaningful cross-cultural relationships, we can help build a stronger, more inclusive Israel.

Our work to foster equality in Israel is anchored by our belief that equality is not dependent on what zip code or country code you live in. LGBTQ people deserve full inclusion regardless of where they live. Like LGBTQ people in North America, LGBTQ people in Israel are their own people with their own objectives, leading real lives separate from the decisions of their government. They too have hard-won achievements and continued struggles for equality in Israel.

We work to increase equality for Israel on the global stage so that it too may be supported with the same aspirational hope we hold for our own countries. We celebrate progress and mourn injustice.