Mission and Values


A Wider Bridge is the North American organization working through education, advocacy, relationship-building and grant-making to create equality in Israel by expanding LGBTQ inclusion in Israel, and equality for Israel by cultivating constructive engagement with Israel.

Equality In Israel: With the support of North American LGBTQ people and allies, Israel’s LGBTQ community will be better positioned to advance social, political and cultural change. LGBTQ equality will strengthen Israel as a society where all people labeled “the other” are welcomed and celebrated throughout the country.

Equality For Israel: Israel should be included and treated with fairness in our LGBTQ communities, by our local and national institutions, and within the community of nations. We believe our communities are strengthened when people move from demonizing and delegitimizing Israel to a place of understanding, empathy, and engagement. We work to increase equality for Israel on the global stage so that it too may be supported with the same aspirational hope we hold for our own countries. We celebrate progress and mourn injustice.


Jewish Peoplehood and Israel – We believe Jews share a common bond as a people and a nation, in addition to sharing traditions of faith, culture, and community. We see the independent state of Israel as the most important project of Jewish people. We believe Israel’s story and future, her people, and contributions to the world – which extend far beyond the Jewish community – are worth sharing, celebrating, and advocating for in our own communities and with others.

Pluralism and Diversity – We believe that societies are stronger when people of diverse gender and sexual identities, cultures, political perspectives, and religious views are welcomed and valued. We believe the LGBTQ community plays an important and unique role in societies in that we are everywhere – cutting across demography, geography, and ideology. In Israel’s case, we believe the LGBTQ community can play a unique and important role in creating a stronger, more cohesive and just Israeli society, breaking down barriers that divide the many sectors of society: the religious and the secular; Muslims, Jews, and Christians; and the many races and ethnic traditions represented in Israel – from Europe, Ethiopia, North Africa, Russia, the Middle East, and beyond.

Engagement – We believe in the intrinsic value of being in conversation, even in cases of disagreement; of sharing, empathy, building relationships, and finding common ground.

Communal Responsibility – We believe that we are all responsible for one another, both as individuals and as communities. We are stronger and more capable of advancing our goals when we find common cause with each other and forge partnerships between our communities.

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