A Wider Bridge Impact Grants

A Wider Bridge Impact Grants build Equality in Israel by providing vital funds to Israeli LGBTQ organizations – advancing civil rights, trans inclusion, community centers, helplines, health care, housing, families, and education.

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The-Aguda The Association for LGBTQ Equality in Israel, Impact Grants

The Aguda – The Association for LGBTQ Equality in Israel

The Aguda is the primary human rights organization in Israel that promotes the welfare and  rights of The LGBTQ community. The Aguda works to improve the lives of LGBTQ individuals  and strives for full equality and the creation of a public and social climate of acceptance and respect.

Bat Kol

Bat Kol is the only NGO dedicated solely to queer, religious women in Israel. The organization provides a safe community for queer women and offers personal and legal assistance when needed. The organization offers an online support center the provides mental health care to in-the-closet lesbians, transgenders, bisexuals, and queer, religious women.

Bat Kol, Orthodox Lesbians, Israel, Impact Grants
Communities House Haifa, LGBTQ Israel

Beit Hakehilot for Pride and Tolerance, Haifa

The mission of the Haifa Communities’ House for Pride and Tolerance is to develop a thriving, impactful LGBTQ center that contributes to the city’s diversity through cultural activities, community resilience, and engagement

Beit el-Meem

Beit el-Meem is an open house for all sexualities and genders that fights oppression and abuse against the Arab LGBTQ community. A support line, legal services, psychological and social support, and a social platform are among the services provided by Beit el-Meem. In this inspiring house, everyone feels safe and supported.

Beit el Meem, LGBTQ Arabs, LGBTQ Palestinians
Albeit Almuhtalef, The Different House , LGBTQ Palestinians, Arabs

Different House – Albeit Almuhtalef

The Different House – البيت المختلف is an Israeli non-governmental organization dedicated to empowering and assisting Arab LGBTQ people in Israel. They wish to empower those individuals by providing them with theoretical and practical skills that will enable them to know and assert their rights, combat racism and discrimination, and make positive social changes in their communities.


Havruta – religious gay, combats conversion therapies by helping those who have survived these traumatizing practices, publishing facts, and exposing the lies regarding this subject. In addition, they are establishing a Center for Combating Conversion Therapy that will aim to combat and eradicate conversion therapy with the help of LGBTQ-friendly Orthodox Rabbis.


Hoshen (a Hebrew acronym for ‘Education and Change’) is the information and education center of the LGBT movement in Israel. Hoshen is a nationwide, non-profit volunteer organization whose purpose is to combat stereotypes regarding sexual orientation and gender identity across Israel.


IGY is Israel’s national LGBTQ+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer) youth & young adults  movement, empowering thousands of participants each year between the ages of 12 to 23+, to  create a leading role for themselves in a more accepting society while supporting their own  understanding of sexual and/or gender identity.

IGY LGBTQ Youth Israel

Israel AIDS Task Force

The Israel Aids Task Force is the oldest non-governmental organization in the field of AIDS in  Israel and works in the prevention, diagnosis, and support of people living with HIV.  The IATF provides services for diverse populations all over Israel with information, prevention and psychosocial support, and testing centers.

Jerusalem Open House

The Jerusalem Open House for Pride and Tolerance works to shape Jerusalem as an inclusive, tolerant, and egalitarian city, where all people are safe and respected, regardless of their sexual orientations or gender identities.


LGBTech works to ensure diversity and inclusion of the LGBTQ community in Israel’s workforce. With professional tools, expertise, and implementation guidance, this unique organization has helped dozens of companies create work environments that promote diversity and inclusion.

LGBT Sports Club

The LGBT Sports Club was founded to provide organized sports for the LGBT community in Israel, away from the sometimes homophobic atmosphere of many leagues that forces many LGBT athletes to remain closeted. The LGBT Sports Club wants to change this reality by operating professional and amateur teams for the LGBT community in Israel.

LGBTQ Sports Club, Israel, Impact Grants


Ma’avarim (passageways, crossings or transitions in Hebrew) is a trans-led NGO by and for the trans community and the largest trans knowledge center in Israel.

OTOT LGBTQ – Beit Dror

Beit Dror is the only shelter for Israeli LGBTQ at-risk teens ages 13-18. Every year it shelters some eighty young people who had to leave their homes, either for not being accepted for their sexual or gender difference, or for other related reasons.

Impact Grants, OTOT Beit Dror, LGBTQ Israel
Pride of Lionesses, Trans Kids, Israel

Pride of Lionesses

The Pride of Lionesses is an organization for and of families of trans and gender diverse children. They promote the rights and wellbeing of trans and gender diverse children by supporting their families, transforming institutions, and educating society at large.


Shoval was founded by the members of the Jewish orthodox community in Israel, who work  within their own communities to promote tolerance and acceptance towards those with diverse sexual orientations.

Tehila – Support for parents and families of LGBTQ children

Tehila is dedicated to providing support and emotional relief in cities and towns all over Israel for parents and families who struggle to accept the different sexual or gender identities of their children.

The Pride House of Be’er Sheva and the South

The Pride House of Be’er Sheva and the South supports the various needs of LGBTQ people from all backgrounds and religious beliefs. The Pride House promotes tolerance and acceptance, and works against any manifestation of LGBTQphobia.

TLVfest, Tel Aviv, Films, LGBTQ

TLV Fest

The TLV Fest connects and brings together all colors of Israeli and international audience through cultural free discussion. The films they screen from all around the globe, stand for freedom, equality, tolerance for the different in an authentic environment.

Trans Israel Association

The Association opened the first Trans House in the Middle East, a house that creates a community and helps trans women in the circle of prostitution and outside of the circle of prostitution. the house itself helps with food, clothes, culture, studies, and enrichment

Trans Israel Association, Trans Women Israel

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The-Aguda The Association for LGBTQ Equality in Israel, Impact Grants