New hotline in Isreal for LGBTQ youth at risk

Beit Dror, Otot, LGBTQ youth at risk, A Wider Bridge Mission

A Wider Bridge Mission at Beit Dror



The Israeli pop star, Anna Zak, has made this number the most famous phone number in Israel with her Mega-hit “MI Zot.” The song tells the story of a young woman who gives the wrong number to a guy. Thousands of fans called the number, hoping to solve the mystery: who will answer the phone?

It was revealed today that the number will be the hotline for “Otot,” an Israeli NGO that provides shelter to youth who have been kicked out of their homes. Among them is Beit Dror, Israel’s only shelter for LGBTQ at-risk teens between the ages of 13 and 18. We are proud supporters of Otot and Beit Dror, and we are thrilled to know that every child in Israel will now have a phone number they can call whenever they need help.

Thank you Anna Zak for supporting LGBT youth at risk!