AWB Statement: Amir Ohana becomes Speaker of the Knesset

Amir Ohana, Speaker of the Knesset, LGBTQ, Gay, A Wider Bridge

Amir Ohana’s selection as the Speaker of the Israeli Knesset is the first time an openly LGBTQ person has been chosen for such a high and influential role.

This position comes with enormous responsibilities, both to the country and to the LGBTQ community specifically. Speaker-designate Ohana will represent a government in which positions of authority have also been given to some of the most LGBTQ-phobic Israelis. A Wider Bridge is deeply concerned about the lives, safety, and rights of all LGBTQ Israelis in this dramatically changing environment. We call on MK Ohana to stand up for them and all marginalized Israelis. Together with our Israeli LBGTQ partners we will be watching closely and working to ensure expanding not contracting LGBTQ equality in Israel.