What we do

A Wider Bridge builds connection to Israel among LGBT Jews and non-Jews in the U.S. through programming that focuses on bringing LGBT people into meaningful and thoughtful connection with Israel and LGBT Israelis.  Our programs create opportunities for education, engagement and experience, and include travel, speakers and discussions, cultural events, online resources, advocacy and philanthropy.   We offer programming in five areas:

Travel and Exchange:

We create opportunities for LGBT people and allies to experience Israel, learn about and engage with LGBT Israeli society, and broaden their perspectives through LGBT focused trips. Our first LGBT Israel trip (in partnership with Keshet and Nehirim), brought 20 LGBT American Jews to Israel.

Education and Cultural Programming:

We bring Israeli LGBT leaders, activists and artists to the U.S. to talk about their work, and share their personal and organizational stories of struggle, triumph and hope.  We bring Israeli and American Jewish and LGBT community leaders together to learn from each other, share best practices and build lasting collaborative relationships.  You can read about many of our past programs here.

College programs:

Working with Hillel, Israel advocacy organizations, LGBTQ student groups, and others, we bring seminars, speakers, performers, and other resources on Israeli LGBT culture and society to college campuses. We have an ongoing partnership with student organizations at American University in Washington, D.C., have brought films and speakers there and to several other campuses. We  will be launching an Israeli LGBT film and discussion series at several campuses around the country this fall.

Online Resources and Social Networking:

Through this website and the use of social media we are providing opportunities for an even broader audience to learn about and engage with Israel and its LGBT communities.

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Advocacy and Philanthropy:

We are creating opportunities for people in the U.S. to learn about and support Israeli LGBT organizations and to be a part of the work of furthering the cause of LGBT equality and inclusion in Israel.

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