Support the Israeli LGBTQ Community

“I know that many people think this is the time to shy away from Israel. But I think that if there is ever a time to be a true believer in what we can achieve in this country and how much we can improve it, this is the time.”

Hila Peer, Chairperson of The Aguda


A Wider Bridge Emergency Grants: Support LGBTQ Rights in Israel


Inspired by the battle for democracy in Israel, A Wider Bridge is launching a matching campaign to DOUBLE the $180,000 in Impact Grants that we have already given to Israeli LGTBQ groups this year. These emergency grants will help respond to the community’s current needs, including:
  • Rising rates of harassment and violence
  • Increased community crisis hotline calls
  • Critical crisis intervention and support at protests
  • Increased transphobia and people who become houseless
  • Legal advocacy for LGBTQ protesters
  • Transportation to demonstrations in critical cities as well in the periphery