Learn about the Jewish Inclusive Pride Flag



Want to learn more about the Jewish Inclusive Pride flag?


First, the history:

For years, we have used a traditional six color rainbow pride flag with a white Star of David in the center – and we have fought back those who rejected this symbol of our pride. In recent years, a new pride flag has gained prominence – with additional colors representing marginalized groups – including people of color, trans individuals, and those living with HIV or who have lost their lives due to HIV.

The beautiful new flag puts those missing colors inside the Jewish star. The new AWB flag not only embraces this inclusive spirit – it projects inclusion as a core Jewish value. We believe that when one part of the community is excluded, we are all left weaker and less vibrant. The flag represents all the identities in our community and symbolically states that one cannot remove the Jewish star and still be inclusive.

For A Wider Bridge, our connection to Israel is an integral part of our Jewish identity and our LGBTQ identity. We wave this flag and say We Refuse to Choose between any of the inseparable parts of our identities – and we will not be excluded from either the LGBTQ or Jewish communities.

We invite you to wave this flag proudly, at pride festivals or at your home,
synagogue, or community building – and we hope you will take your picture with the flag and post it on social media or send it to us.


Questions for families or community group discussion
  • What does each color represent to you? 
  • Write down 3 wishes for the Israeli LGBTQ community
  • What is inclusion and why is it important in our community?
  • Where would you like to see the flag?

Get Creative! Create and Color your own Jewish Inclusive Pride Flag

Download the coloring page, and make it your own! If you want, you can post it online and tag @awiderbridge