February 2 – Uzi Even is elected to speak in the Knesset. He tells his personal story: after serving in the army for 15 years in a very discreet and important role, he was removed from the role and was defined as “dangerous to the safety of the state of Israel” because he was gay. Even’s story was the first ever story that shocked the Israeli public and raised sympathy for the community. Former Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin began to get involved in changing the law to protect gays and lesbians in the army.

June 18 – The new army law becomes effective. It promises equality in recruiting LGBT people into the army. However, commanders were still obligated to report any knowledge of a gay or lesbian soldier in their units.

The first book about an alternative family is released: “Nimrod Gam ve Gam” (‘Nimrod This and That’) by Tamir Lahav and Izik Yosha.

June – First ever gay pride parade – Avi Soffer, then the Executive Director of the Aguda, and his partner Avi Robinstein, organize a parade of 14 vehicles that moved and honked along Dizengoff St., carrying rainbow flags. The parade continued to an event at Sheinkin Garden, where surprisingly a large number of gays and lesbians and their straight friends came to participate.