February 2 – Avi Angel, Executive Director of the Agudah, is interviewed for the first time on TV, for a show called “The Third Hour,” to talk about being homosexual and the life of the community. Besides Avi, there are other guests on the show- but they are interviewed as “shadows,” with false names and distorted voices.


February 29 – The first general gathering of the Agudah at Tzavta hall in Tel Aviv. Sivan Malkior is elected to be Executive Director, and all 5 members of the board are reelected. Malkior resigns from his role after a little more than a year.


April – The Agudah rents an office in a basement on Ben Yehuda street and starts an ongoing discussion and “an open house,” as well as parties, for men and women on Fridays, and for women only on Saturdays. Jonathan Danilovitch, Dan Lahman and Dubi Barkan initiate the Aguda’s lecture series. Representatives of the lecture series start to give lectures and workshops, especially in Kibbutzim, and use the money earned for funding the Aguda. In 2001, the lecture series is given the name Hoshen, Education and Change.