Beit el-Meem



The first comprehensive study of the LGBTQ community among Israeli Arabs found that 83% of LGBTQ Israeli Arabs are in the closet, and 72% say their families don’t support them.

These statistics are somber and devastating.
That is why we are so thrilled to support Beit el-Meem, a new organization dedicated to Arab LGBTQ people.

Beit el-Meem is an open house for all sexualities and genders that fights oppression and abuse against the Arab LGBTQ community. A support line, legal services, psychological and social support, and a social platform are among the services provided by Beit el-Meem. In this inspiring house, everyone feels safe and supported.

Although there is still much work to be done, we are so happy to celebrate this incredible accomplishment. Please join us in wishing MABROUK to the Arab LGBTQ community!