Avi Maoz currently holds the position of Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s office and oversees the “Jewish Identity Authority,” where he has taken a stance against the LGBTQ community. He is labeled as misogynist, LGBTQphobic, and racist.
Two weeks ago, Hoshen, the Israeli LGBTQ organization for education, launched Israel’s most extensive online tolerance library in Avi Maoz’s name, making rich educational resources accessible to educators of all backgrounds. Now, typing avimaoz.co.il leads to this site, which aims to foster a more tolerant and inclusive Israeli educational system.
Mor Nahari, CEO of Hoshen, said, “The name of the site started as trolling, as a gimmick. I told myself that it would help the site reach more educators and parents. But very quickly, it became the answer to everything I felt in the last months. It became a sign for me that even in the face of the greatest embodiment of despair, we have something to do. It’s easy to succumb to feelings of helplessness and doubt about the impact of our actions. However, this website, which became viral immediately, has reignited the flame of passion and determination to continue the fight for tolerance and inclusivity.”
While Avi Maoz may propagate hate, Hoshen is using his name as a symbol to reach communities across the country and spread love. Thank you, Hoshen, for your invaluable contributions. Please explore their new online library, and stay tuned for English translations of their workshops in the near future.
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