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Zehorit Talks LGBT-Jewish Visibility

“I see it as my mission, to go to that place, to that girl, and tell her ‘you’re not alone.'” Zehorit Sorek talks on Israeli news show about the new project that brought religious-LGBT people out of the closet.

Under the title “Our Faces,” 44 members of the religious LGBT community revealed their identities and sexual orientation online last week. The campaign that was initiated by members of Bat Kol, an organization of religious lesbian women, and Havruta, the gay men’s equivalent, has received major interest and media coverage in Israel and around the world.

Zehorit Sorek talked with Israeli news show Erev Hadash (‘New Evening’) about the project, and coming out in an orthodox Jewish society. “[When we] hide in the closet, we are ‘there,’ beyond a wall,” Zehorit says, “And when it’s ‘there,’ in a place that is not accessible, it’s easier to remain ignorant. And ignorance leads to hatred, and hatred, we know, leads to worse things.”

Watch the interview (English subtitle):