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Your New Hebrew Teacher

Amir Nehari, a Tel Aviv psychologist, takes over as the new Hebrew teacher at the LGBT Center as weekly Hebrew sessions for local and tourist English speakers resume on Thursday 15th Sept.
Amir Nehari
Amir Nehari

Amir Nehari lectures in colleges in the field of organizational behavior. He also calls himself a “professional gay,” because he’s been an activist for years.

“I have discovered the English speaking group when looking to socialize and make friends, which can be hard to do at the cruising/bar scene,” Nehari explains. “They accepted me, even though I am a native with chutzpah, and I grew fond of the worldly and diverse people I have met, all with interesting stories.”

Nehari got to meet Roy Freeman, manager of the LGBT Olim and the English speakers group, who asked him to take over teaching Hebrew at the Qulpan. “Roy always comes up with new ideas and activities for the group, and leads it with great sensitivity,” Amir says. “Through him I encountered the folksy culture of Luton. Teaching Hebrew is a chance for me to make a contribution, plus we normally stay after class for some beer and cakes, and what could be more important than that, I mean, culturally?”

Nahari says that his coming out was relatively smooth. “It was during my late teens, including full disclosure in my army unit, half way through my service, following the inspiration of other soldiers who came out, and Dana International’s victory at the Eurovision song contest,” he says. “I have been volunteering with Hoshen, the LGBT lecture service, mostly speaking to high school students, and on “Yesh Im Mi Ledaber” (‘someone to talk to’), the LGBT hotline.”

“I love the LGBT struggle: our fabulous community finally gets to be heard and respected!”

Under his teaching, Amir wants ‘Qulpan’ to embrace two main principles: “An emphasis on conversational Hebrew and learning which is sensitive to the different levels of Hebrew in the group. That’s why everyone, and I mean: everyone!, will get to practice talking in Hebrew and at the same time we will divide learning tasks according to level, so as to avoid a state where people feel overwhelmed or bored. Some work will be in subgroups, according to level. Of course a main concern is for it to be fun and to get to know each other. Good luck to us, or as we say in Hebrew: Behatzlacha. בהצלחה”

Qulpan is one of the programs of LGBT Olim. For more information go to the Facebook group or email