Young Jewish leaders to celebrate Shabbat

Although based in Miami Beach, The Tribe group of young Jewish leaders from their 20s to 40s will be having a complimentary Shabbat dinner in Broward County at Temple Beth Emet in Cooper City on Nov. 20, beginning with services at 7:30 p.m.

531091_355336691213756_1260678581_nThe monthly Shabbat dinner, organized by The Tribe on the third Friday of the month, is known as Third Friday.

Because synagogues, temples and other Jewish organizations want to reach out to young Jews, The Tribe has been successful in attracting young Jews to their events.

“Attracting young people to synagogues/temples is never an easy task. When this generation is done with college and until they have children themselves and maybe join a synagogue, there is not really much out there for them. When they go to a synagogue, what they see is older people with families, not others like themselves,” said Dr. Ira Sheskin, director of the Jewish demography project at the University of Miami.

The Tribe has helped to fill the void that is very much needed to have leadership in Jewish organizations to flourish and survive.

“I like The Tribe because I can be free and open about who I am and who my partner is. Many gay people who are also Jewish are welcomed in The Tribe,” said Rachael Kipnis, who is both gay and Jewish.

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