“You Repress It Until You Can’t”

Liv Or-Shay, who takes part in the docu web series “Spectrums”, shared her story of coming out as a transgender woman on Israel’s i24News

The DJ and music producer was interviewed by Nurit Ben on the news show Debrief and said that it came to a point where living as a man with wife and two kids was unbearable. “Two years ago I put my voice out there and said that I was a woman,” she said. “I wanted to be me.”

“It’s something that runs inside of you. You can repress it until you can’t,” Liv said. “Also what helped me was what’s happening in the world. [I saw that] the trans community exists, and it’s not something weird and it’s ok. I can choose it and I can define who I am by my brain and not by the way my body looks.”

Watch the full interview below:

The latest episode of “Spectrums” that was premiered on Sunday introduces Cheh, an Arab FTM transgender from Haifa. Watch: