Yigal Guetta: A Haredi Politician Who is Different

Journalist Marcy Oster, who covers the Middle East for the Cleveland Jewish News, praises Israeli politician Yigal Guetta for attending his nephew’s same-sex wedding. Ultimately this move cost Guetta his position in the Knesset and Shas Party.

On paper, Guetta already is unlike many of his fellow Shas Party members. He served in the Israel Defense Forces and has a master’s degree in business and public administration. And he admits to having a homosexual family member.

In an interview earlier this month with Army Radio, Guetta described how he attended his nephew’s same-sex wedding two years ago and required his entire family to attend.

“Beforehand, I told my kids, ‘We’re going to make him happy because he’s my sister’s son and I want him to be happy, but I want you to know that according to the Torah this is forbidden and an abomination. I have no leeway on this.”

Guetta is not going to give up his religious beliefs, the ones that call homosexual acts an abomination. But he saw past the homosexuality to see his nephew as family, as a person, as a bridegroom and someone who deserved to be happy.

The fact that Guetta went to the wedding and brought his entire family with him to celebrate the happiness of his nephew and to bring joy to him is beautiful and human and amazing.

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