Anti-gay Manifesto Disappears

The Torah Declaration, which denies the existence of homosexual identity, goes offline in a possible victory for LGBT activists who have fought it for years. Why Did the ultra-Orthodox website disappear from the web?

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The Torah Declaration, the paper that outlines the ultra-Orthodox position on homosexuality, is no longer accessible online, signaling that at least some of its backers in the community may be distancing themselves from the document’s uncompromising stance on LGBT identity.

The declaration, which was uploaded in December 2011 at, was taken down on November 30, and the page remains under construction as of Monday.

The document denies the possibility of a homosexual identity and says that under Jewish law, anyone with such feelings should try to change them; that is, go through conversion therapy. The practice promises to turn LGBT people from gay to straight and has been widely condemned as pseudoscience.

The document had 223 signatories, including rabbis, mental health professionals and community organizers, though a page listing the signatories is also offline. The authors of the document are unknown, though Susan Rosenbluth, the spokeswoman for the Torah Declaration, says she met with the authors when agreeing to work with them.

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UPDATE: Our reader Robert Lakin find an archived version of the disappearing manifesto from October 9th, 2015. Click here to view it. Thank you Robert!