Wherever You Go, I’ll Go: Miri Bialer

Ruth’s Story power lying between these lines. On top of being an inspiring matriarch, Ruth also shows us the reward of acceptance and unconditional love.

Ruth is a Moabite, a descendant of sworn enemies of the Israelites. She has very close relations with Naomi, her mother in law – much like a mother and daughter relationship, despite her being a gentile. Ruth chooses to leave every past cultural element behind, and become something other than what she was born into. She chooses to follow love.

Even though Ruth is a Moabite, a tribe with a bad rep, Boaz takes her as his wife anyway. Despite all the hardships and trials, they are finally blessed, and become the ones to bring forth the kingdom of David – a great blessing indeed. 

Ruth, through her journey, embodies the full acceptance of one’s self in a society – being different. The fact she is accepted albeit her origin and who she is, the way the lineage story comes to a closure with Naomi returning home and continuing the family bloodline with Ruth’s son (even though they are not blood related) – all these show us the great power of parental acceptance.   

Tehila is an organization that helps parents in Israel recognize the “Naomi” and “Boaz” inside them – our local parental support groups across the country help parents of LGBTQ people, and ultimately families, to follow their love, and experience the power of acceptance.  

We hope that through introducing personal stories by our volunteers, and through the counseling of our professionals, we can provide a safe space for parents to share and listen, and eventually recognize the great blessing

About Tehila and Miri Bialer

TEHILA is a registered non-profit association that provides support by parents, for parents who have children in the gay community. TEHILA supports and empowers the parents and families of lesbians, gay men, transgeneder persons and bisexuals (LGTB).

MiriBialer serves as the Chairperson of Tehila. Miriam has been married for 44 years to her husband and has four children and six grandchildren. She has a gay son and a lesbian daughter. Tehila runs support groups and hot lines throughout the country, and is linked to youth groups and projects in various venues around the country.