Where to Eat in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv, home to some of the most distinguished chefs and restaurants, has quickly become Israel’s culinary hotspot. If you’re in Tel Aviv this summer, take a break from the beach and check out these five picks from Israeli food blog Matkonation’s new summer Foodie Guide.

1. Best lunch restaurant: The Basta, meaning “market stall” in Hebrew, is located in the Carmel Market—and the menu changes based on what’s for sale that day. Location: 4 Hashomer St.

2. Best dinner restaurant: Salon, the upscale restaurant from well-known Israeli chef—and Israeli MasterChef judge—Eyal Shani, offers not only great food but also entertainment: most of the kitchen is smack in the middle of the restaurant, with chefs preparing the food in view of diners. The place is known to get even more exciting with the occasional table-top dancing. Location: 8 Maavar Yabuk St.

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