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What Orthodox Jews in Jerusalem Said to Simon Atkins

Being exposed to Reform Judaism in the UK, gay TV personality Simon Atkins went to Israel to explore Jewish orthodoxy. “A man who sleeps with another man die he shall die,” he was told. Watch the preview of his documentary.

A new documentary exploring a Londoner’s conflict between his sexuality and religion broadcasts today in the UK.

My Big Gay Jewish Conversion focuses on catholic reality star Simon Atkins, originally from Ireland, who considers converting to his partner’s faith – Judaism – in order to feel more accepted and to one day get married in a place of worship.

As part of the process, Atkins travelled to Israel, where he says he saw a different side to the religion. “I thought it’s really important to create awareness for young gay men and women who are struggling with their faith and their sexuality,” he said in a preview interview. Watch below.

My Big Gay Jewish Conversion is available on the BBC iplayer.