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Welcome to Tel Aviv, the gayest city on earth

Christopher Muther from the Boston Globe had a stereotype-shattering trip to Tel Aviv and came back with a confirmation: Tel Aviv is super gay.

Tel Aviv

I read the lists and saw the surveys proclaiming Tel Aviv to be the most gay-friendly place this side of the Emerald City. I’m paraphrasing here, but travel guides usually characterize Tel Aviv as gayer than a Neil Patrick Harris pool party.

I’ve had the good fortune to visit plenty of LGBT-friendly utopias, and I couldn’t imagine Tel Aviv snatching the title, tiara, and sash away from locales such as San Francisco, Berlin, or Amsterdam asthe place to go for gay.

Well folks, it’s time to set out a plate and a fork, because I’m about to eat my words.

Tel Aviv is, for lack of a better description, super gay. It could even be characterized as post-gay. Most urban centers have a concentrated epicenter affectionately called a gayborhood or a gay ghetto. Tel Aviv doesn’t need to bother with such a dated concept.

“Everything in Tel Aviv is gay, inherently gay,” said Leon Avigad, who owns two very chic boutique hotels with his partner Nitzan Perry. “The people are creative, open-minded, liberal, accepting, and daring. Tel Aviv is very open to new forms of art, new musical styles, everything is very accepting.”

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