Weekly Round-up: September 1, 2017

Stay up-to-date with our many communities: Here’s what’s been happening this week in the intersecting worlds of pro-Israel and the LGBTQ community!



Israel’s Ministry of Welfare and Social Affairs has reversed its opposition to allowing same-sex couples to adopt. A Wider Bridge would like to thank the Israeli Ministers for changing their tune and validating same-sex adoption; thank IRAC, the Aguda, and the Israeli LGBTQ community for their activism; and the 200 American Jewish leaders who signed on to our leadership letter last month for taking an important stand. A Wider Bridge

Israeli High Court of Justice rejected on Thursday a petition to recognize same sex marriage. It was stated in the verdict that because the Israeli law sees the rabbinical courts as the only authority when it comes to Jewish marriage in Israel, the appeal is wrong in its basis, because the Supreme Court is a civil court, and not a rabbinical one. The Jerusalem Post


Ilana Shirazi and Dganit Baruchi were known for years as the queens of lesbian nightlife in Israel, and they were also a couple. Their parties, who were almost always thoughtful theme parties, ranged from huge pride parties through fundraising parties, parties with the best of our country’s female singers, women’s weddings and festivals abroad. Now, eight years after the breakup, they return to working together. And they are best friends again. Mako Pride

She doesn’t run away from politics, she goes with her queerness to the extreme and constantly looking for the rejected. Aviv Shalem –AKA Asis D’Orange–in a first interview post winning the Israeli drag queen competition, about the new generation of drag queens. Haaretz

Shada Diab, a 23-year-old aspiring Arab-Israeli singer from Nazareth dedicates her debut single to the LGBT community in her sector. A Wider Bridge


On Aug. 28, the ACLU filed a lawsuit in the federal district court of Maryland challenging the constitutionality of the Trump Administration’s transgender service member ban. A study focused on Israel and three other countries, found that none of these countries’ militaries reported a negative impact on military cohesion nor readiness to serve. Jay Kaplan of ACLU Michigan explains. Pride Source

Blogger Kristof Steiner has researched the history of gay life in Israel and put together a foundational timeline to show why Israel is the most gay-friendly state in the Middle East – thanks to hundreds of years of challenging the status quo. Time Out Israel

Nadia Aizner from Belarus found an important home in Bat Kol, an organization for Orthodox lesbian women. “We’ve started a revolution and there’s no turning back the clock,” she says. Shatil News

Ramona Hernandez-Perez is a queer, female Black-Mexican rabbi with stories to tell. Windy City Times


A Wider Bridge Midwest is currently recruiting for our first ever campus initiative, A Wider Bridge University. A Wider Bridge