Weekly Round-up: October 6, 2017

Stay up-to-date with our many communities: Here’s what’s been happening this week in the intersecting worlds of pro-Israel and the LGBTQ community!



Melech Zilbershlag, a 21-year-old ultra-Orthodox (Hassidic) Jew, is one of Israel’s hottest internet celebrities. In an intimate interview with Israel Today before Yom Kippur he revealed surprising opinions about alcohol, light drugs, matchmaking, gays, advertising, money and fame – and explains why he is worth every shekel paid to him by the new Israeli public broadcasting corporation. Israel Hayom

Uria Ben Brit stood at The Meeting Place with a Star of David rainbow flag on Yom Kippur eve. The combination of it being the holiest day on the Jewish calendar and the place he was standing at in Jerusalem, led to some interesting and even inspiring stories, coincidences and conclusions. A Wider Bridge


LGBT, right-wing and orthodox: what it’s like coming out in a West Bank settlement. Na’ama Arnon, a lesbian religious woman, tells of hardship and acceptance over the Green Line. Haaretz


Israel’s leading culinary journalist Gil Hovav recently chatted with the Windy City Times’ reporter Matt Simonette. Hovav and his partner, Daniel Halperin, have been together for thirty years and have a daughter, Naomi. Windy City Times

After helping out in many countries, most recently in Australia and Israel, Evan Wolfson is now helping extend marriage rights to same-sex couples in Panama. Wolfson is one of the featured honorees at the A Wider Bridge’s Out of the Bubble on December 6, 2017. Washington Blade

NEW YORK — Join us on October 28 at the Stephen Wise Free Synagogue for a warm communal Havdalah with A Wider Bridge! Enjoy beautiful music and wine and cheese while learning about this inspiring organization. A Wider Bridge

MICHIGAN — About 30 members of Jewish Detroit’s LGBT community gathered at Ferndale’s Local Kitchen and Bar to listen to how three Jews from different generations have embraced their Jewish and sexual and gender identities at NEXTGen Detroit Pride’s Sept. 14 program, “Navigating Jewish and Queer.” Detroit Jewish News


How was this past Yom Kippur different from any other Kippur? For transgender Israeli man, Israel Raphel Avraham, who started taking hormones six months ago, it was a dream come true to finally sit in the men’s section in his local orthodox synagogue. A Wider Bridge

Israeli director Tali Shalom-Ezer’s American debut film, “My Days of Mercy,” stars Ellen Page and Kate Mara as lovers against the backdrop of a death penalty case. Popmatters

A Wider Bridge Leadership Mission alumna Hannah Simpson joined the Red Cross as a volunteer to help accommodate coastal evacuees in Austin, Texas, following Hurricane Harvey. Alma