Weekly Round-Up: May 19, 2017

Stay up-to-date with our many communities: Here’s what’s been happening this week in the intersecting worlds of Israeli, LGBT and Jewish life! A Wider Bridge



A Wider Bridge, the North American LGBTQ organization supporting Israel and LGBTQ Israelis, is proud to sponsor the upcoming Israel visit of Evan Wolfson, founder and president of Freedom to Marry, the campaign that led the way to winning marriage in the United States. A Wider Bridge

Religion and LGBT is the theme of the 2017 Jerusalem Pride Parade: The Jerusalem Open House for Pride and Tolerance and the gay community in Jerusalem announced this year’s Pride theme, explaining that the holy city symbolizes more than any other city the variety of opinions with regard to the relationship between the religious and the LGBT communities. WDG


IDAHOT (International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia) was marked Tuesday evening in Israel by IGY, gay youth organization, in three different locations. WDG

Hundreds of doctors, nurses and other medical staff attended the inaugural conference of the new LGBT Medicine Society in Tel Aviv. The event kicked off the work of the new group promoting awareness of the medical needs of the LGBT community. WDG


Tel Aviv holds a “Slut Walk:” Hundreds of protesters filled Tel Aviv’s streets with cries against rape culture. Women wearing just bras or bikini tops march through city center to demonstrate against widespread sexual harassment in Israel. The Times of Israel

Mickey Gitzin, a member of the Tel Aviv city council and leader of the left-wing organization Be Free Israel, is replacing Rachel Liel as executive director of the New Israel Fund in Israel. Haaretz


Playwright William M. Hoffman, who died at age 78 on April 29, was an important and beloved figure in at least three communities: artistic, gay, and Jewish. In each, he left an indelible mark. Gay City News

LOS ANGELES — For many young orthodox people caught up in the struggle to come out as LGBTQ, the root of the problem lies in Leviticus, which labels gay sex a toevah, most often translated as an abomination, and, a couple of chapters later, prescribes the death penalty as punishment. Jewish Journal

NEW YORK — How does one moves from growing up in a family that helped start the Muslim Brotherhood and providing material support for terrorism as a child onto being an outspoken advocate for the State of Israel and an active supporter of A Wider Bridge? Quentin Hill, our Northeast Manager, writes. A Wider Bridge

WASHINGTON — The 27th annual Washington Jewish Film Festival runs at various venues from Wednesday, May 17 through Sunday, May 28. The festival features an LGBT cinema series in partnership with GLOE. The Washington Blade

SAN FRANCISCO — Mark Leno, Rafael Mandelman, and Scott Wiener call to action regarding the violence towards LGBTQ people in Chechnya routed in lessons they’ve learned as LGBT Jews. San Francisco Examiner


Later this month, leader of The Freedom To Marry, Evan Wolfson, will return to Israel as part of his efforts to help advancing marriage equality in various parts of the world. A Wider Bridge’s Deputy Director Tyler Gregory explains the importance of Evan’s upcoming visit. A Wider Bridge

Following rumors and stories in Israeli gossip columns, transgender reality star Mikey Alroy confirms his relationship with girlfriend Daniela – in his efforts to prove to closeted transgender people that a relationship for transgender people is possible. In a “coming out” interview the two talk about the acceptance of Daniela’s family and getting over high school anxiety. Mako Pride

“Tel Aviv’s bisexual Pride Parade inspires me:” Laya Monarez, HRC Membership Outreach Coordinator of the Human Rights Campaign and a bi identified trans woman explains why she thinks a bisexual-themed pride is so important. HRC

Around 2000 people marched in the Slut Walk in Tel Aviv last week, demonstrating against sexual harassment. Yair Emma Schmidt, a queer man, explains why he joined the demonstration. WDG