Weekly Round-Up: March 24, 2017

Stay up-to-date with our many communities: Here’s what’s been happening this week in the intersecting worlds of Israeli, LGBT and Jewish life!



Contrary to reports on an Israeli News Channel that resulted in various reports around the world, the LGBT community in Israel states that there will be no changes in the Pride parades in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. WDG

Life of a gay, cancer-survivor Jew-by-choice can be funny: writer and comedian H. Alan Scott was raised Mormon but decided to convert to Judaism, and packages the whole process in an adorable documentary, currently filming. In June he will join A Wider Bridge’s Mission to Israel, which is going to become part of his documentary. Later this year he’ll hold a fabulous Bar Mitzvah event, at which he jokes that he wants to have naked people. A Wider Bridge

A violent homophobic hate crime occurred on Rothschild Boulevard in Tel Aviv during the holiday of Purim. Three gay men were violently beaten up only because two of them were holding hands. And if that wasn’t enough, the attitude of the cops who arrived at the scene was intolerant and hurtful. A Wider Bridge

The song “Tomorrow Belongs To Me”, sung by a Nazi youth and known as the unofficial anthem for white supremacists– but it was composed by a gay Jew, whose nephew, Jason Kander, is very proud of. The Forward


CHICAGO — A Wider Bridge stands with all Jewish students of the University of Illinois at Chicago and others who were the recent targets of anti-Semitic materials that were disseminated on the UIC Campus on March 15th. A Wider Bridge Chicago

FLORIDA — Scott Fried, 53, was diagnosed with HIV at 24 years old, and he has transformed his fear of dying into a love of life, centered on helping others overcome their fears. He has spoken to students across the country — including to some at the University of Florida on Monday — regarding sexual health, intimacy and self-acceptance. WUFT-FM

LOS ANGELES — LGBT synagogue Beth Chayim Chadashim marks 45 years of existence this weekend with a special concert honoring six local Jewish musicians and celebrating contemporary Jewish music. bcc-la.org

WASHINGTON DC — An unidentified man entered Rep. Alan Lowenthal’s Capitol Hill office Wednesday upset about the display of a gay pride flag and pulled it from its stand outside the office to forcefully and repeatedly step on it, the Long Beach congressman said Thursday. Los Angeles Times


Five hundred posters with a drop of HIV infected blood were spread in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem to examine the response of passersby. The responses were documented in a 3-minute clip whose purpose is to create a discourse on the stigmas of people living with HIV. “The poster allows us all to choose whether to continue living in stigmatization or to be open to acquiring new knowledge and to be part of a change,” the AIDS Task Force explains. A Wider Bridge


Queer Jewish actor Tom Ross-Williams invited homophobic vandals to come see his play: “I think one of the most effective ways of challenging homophobia is to see why they think that and where that is coming from.” Gay Star News

Germany’s cabinet has backed a bill to clear men handed sentences for homosexuality after World War Two under a Nazi-era law. BBC


A new interview with gay Jewish playwright Martin Sherman, whose latest work, “Gently Down the Stream,” is currently in previews at the Public Theater in Downtown Manhattan. It’s about the “unspoken” gay heritage. Slant Magazine

In a phone interview from Tel Aviv, Ivri Lider discussed his upcoming show in New York City, coming out, his unusual way of relaxing and what he wants his fans to get out of his music. NY Blueprint


Who decided that feminism and anti-Zionism should be conjoined and expressed through actions such as support for the Boycott Divestment and Sanction Movement (BDS) movement? Two feminists, Dr. Ruth Nemzoff and Janet Freedman, offer another perspective. The Huffington Post