Weekly Round-Up: June 9, 2017

Stay up-to-date with our many communities: Here’s what’s been happening this week in the intersecting worlds of Israeli, LGBT and Jewish life! A Wider Bridge



The Tel Aviv Pride Parade took place TODAY under the theme: Bisexual Visibility. Check out photos from this extraordinary day. A Wider Bridge

A Wider Bridge’s 2017 LGBTQ Leadership Mission to Israel came to an end today, and there are a lot of memories to share. Check out the entire photoblog of the trip to get a sense of what the participants experienced over the past 10 days. A Wider Bridge

Marching in the Celebrate Israel Parade on Sunday, as the LGBTQ group approached 72nd Street, “one of the JVP disrupters lunged toward the speaker system, pulling out as many wires as she could until our music went silent. At that moment, five other disrupters removed their shirts to reveal red shirts brandished with the words ‘DEADLY EXCHANGE’ in black…” read about the horrific bullying and violent harassment of LGBTQ youth by a group that calls itself “Jewish Voice for Peace.” Israellycool


A 20-year-old from the city of Bnei Brak was arrested after posting on Facebook a message calling to carry out an attack on the Gay Pride parade in Tel Aviv. Ynet News / The Times of Israel

Lina Makhoul, who took the stage today at Tel Aviv Pride, is the first ever Palestinian singer to perform at a Gay Pride Parade in Israel, carrying the message of peace and hope. A Wider Bridge

Israel has promised Russia not to allow same-sex couples to adopt Russian children. Haaretz

The Education Ministry still considers homosexual relations between minors a crime and instructs school staff to report such acts to the authorities, according to instructions dating back to 1999. The Association for Civil Rights in Israel called on the ministry to correct the memo, noting that acts are legal in Israel over the age of 16. Haaretz

Drag queens Sharon Needles and Jinkx Monsoon are in Tel Aviv to take part in the LGBT film festival, despite calls to boycott the event. Haaretz

While Tel Aviv Pride has flourished to become the largest such celebration in the Middle East and Asia, some activists are struggling to reconcile the international image of the parade as “fun in the sun” with what they say is long-stalled progress in fighting homophobia and securing resources for Israel’s LGBT community. The Jerusalem Post

Evita, Tel Aviv’s last gay bar, is coming back for 2017 Pride week and the LGBT community is abuzz with delight. The Jerusalem Post


“No one’s gone as far as Gal Gadot:” The movie “Wonder Woman,” whose major opening this weekend grossed over $100 million, has officially made Gadot the new most famous Israeli in America. And it also got her a free ticket to the hearts of the gay community. Los Angeles Times

While Conservative life is inclusive of LGBTQ people, it still places limits on their most intimate lives. Rabbi Amichai Lau-Lavie and other Conservative rabbis believe those limits should be abandoned and are pushing for more change. The Forward

CALIFORNIA — A bill authored by state Senator Scott Wiener and sponsored by Equality California to protect the rights of LGBT seniors was passed by the California state Senate. Cindy Brown, who runs an LGBTQ senior program: “This bill is certainly a step in the right direction.” SFist


James Moon of Fort Lauderdale is a board member of both A Wider Bridge and South Florida’s Outshine Film Festival. He stands up for TLVFest and Israel’s LGBTQ Community and wrote this editorial about Israel’s LGBTQ community being treated unfairly in the world. Miami Herald

Dispute triggered by Rabbi Joseph Dweck’s comments about homosexuality draws international criticism, including from Israel’s Chief Sephardi leader. Jewish News UK

Michael Lucas calls out BDS Movement for demonstrating against what he calls an anti-occupation, pro-Palestinian LGBTQ Film Festival. The movement’s attempt to ban it just because it takes place in Israel, only proves to him that what the BDS movement is really after is the destruction of Israel and the Jewish people. HuffPost

A Jewish professor at Georgetown University called out a Neo-Nazi at her gym, and Joanna Valente loves her for it. Kveller