Weekly Round-up: July 28, 2017

Stay up-to-date with our many communities: Here’s what’s been happening this week in the intersecting worlds of pro-Israel and the LGBTQ community!



Nearly 200 Jewish Community Leaders from across America have signed a public letter organized by A Wider Bridge supporting same-sex adoption in Israel. A Wider Bridge

A Wider Bridge condemns President Donald Trump’s proclamation, that transgender Americans will no longer be allowed to serve in the United States armed forces in any capacity. A Wider Bridge


Tragedy: Singer and director Amir Fryszer Guttman passed away Sunday at the age of 41 in a tragic incident of drowning during a party he threw for 30 of his closest friends and family, to celebrate a year since he recieved the news that he was misdiagnosed with cancer. A Wider Bridge

Following a protest against the state’s position on adoption, a meeting was held Monday between representatives of the Aguda, the Association of Israeli Gay Fathers, and Welfare Minister Haim Katz. In the meeting, the LGBTQ representatives presented the outline of the solution to the current crisis: “We are waiting to see whether there will be a substantive or semantic change.” WDG

Likud’s first openly gay lawmaker MK Amir Ohana was suspended from a powerful Knesset committee on Wednesday after he refused to vote with the coalition in protest of the government’s declared opposition earlier this week to same-sex couples adopting children in Israel, giving preference to heterosexual ones. The Times of Israel

After failing to prevent a Gay Pride event in Hod Hasharon, ultra-Orthodox people in the city have organized a rally to “save the religion” at the same time as the Pride event, causing strict security requirements for the LGBTQ event. A Wider Bridge


CHICAGO — Alex Entratter, Ben Halbig and Jamie Greenbaum, all members of YLD Pride, made it to the 2017 annual Chicago’s Jewish 36 Under 36 list. A Wider Bridge Chicago

CANADA — LGBTQ Jews and allies marched proudly in the Halifax Pride Parade (Nova Scotia, Canada) on Saturday, July 22. The March came after a controversy last fall at Halifax Pride’s annual general meeting, in which BDS activists tried and failed to remove all mentions and signs about Israel from the parade. A Wider Bridge

PHILIPPINES — “Caredivas,” a new Filipino musical is set in Israel, and tells the story of a group of gay Filipino caregivers, who transform into glamorous drag queen performers at a local bar at night. Interaksyon


The first transgender officer in the Israeli army, Captain Shachar Erez, in a personal testimony: “Let me be clear: barring transgender individuals from serving their country is not a policy based on credible professional opinion, it is simply pure transphobic discrimination.” A Wider Bridge

Hannah Simpson commends all the trans service members she knows who believed they were training and fighting for a country that was better than this. Alma

Gay fashion designer and screenwriter Tom Salama is the co-creator of the new Israeli series “Miguel” (based on the story of his life). He writes about living with 4 adopted children: “My 15-year-old adopted son asked me why we couldn’t adopt a girl from Israel into the family. Because Dad is unfit, I answered.” Haaretz

In Israel The Welfare Ministry claims that same sex couples are not fit for adoption; The Ministry of Foreign Affairs actually says on its website that LGBTQ has full adoption rights. Israeli human rights activist Yael Marom says that the state needs the LGBTQ community much more than the community needs the state. +972

Despite the large support from the media, straight allies and adopted children all across Israel, there are still voices in Israel and around the world, calling the Israeli government to continue discriminate against same-sex couples in regards to adoption. A Wider Bridge