Weekly Round-up: July 14, 2017

Stay up-to-date with our many communities: Here’s what’s been happening this week in the intersecting worlds of pro-Israel and the LGBTQ community!



Activist and Youth Service Manager Tori Bertran who recently traveled with A Wider Bridge to Israel would like to correct the record after hearing anti-Israel activists’ allegations against our organization: “Throughout almost two weeks of meetings, not once did A Wider Bridge try to push a narrative onto us,” she writes. Sun-Sentinel

The Attorney General has forbidden the Ministry of Interior to automatically change the sex of a transgender man who gave birth back to female on ID cards, despite the Interior Ministry’s objection claiming that only a woman can give birth. Walla! News

America’s #1 gay travel magazine Passport highlighted Nadav Peretz, founder of travel company Outstanding Travel, which specializes in LGBTQ travel to Israel and Greece. Nadav spoke about his life and business, and the recent collaboration with the American group for gay dads, Gays With Kids. Passport

A Wider Bridge would like to thank our partners at NCJW for investing in two LGBTQ organizations in Israel, Jerusalem Open House and Israel Hofsheet. A Wider Bridge


Oded Frid joins as the newest member of the board of The Aguda, the Israeli National LGBT Task Force, replacing Imri Kalmann who departed in order to get into politics. Since his arrival, Frid has already participated in the Knesset’s discussion on conversion therapy. “If the current Ministry of Health did not change its mind since then, why does it oppose a bill that outlaws conversion therapy?” he asks. A Wider Bridge

Contrary to the position of the state, Judge Iris Arbel-Assel of the Family Court in Tel Aviv ruled to allow 16-year-old twin girls to legally adopt their father’s boyfriend’s last name. Mako

A Ballroom dance club for the LGBTQ community opened in Tel Aviv in June. The club offers classes in Ballroom and Latin dance, only you may Lead or Follow regardless of gender. A Wider Bridge


Elad Mintzer of Ze, a group for LGBT people who work in the high-tech industry, is among those who spearheaded Tech4Chechnya, a campaign during WorldPride in Madrid that sought to highlight the ongoing crackdown against gay men in Chechnya. Los Angeles Blade

Roberta Kaplan, the attorney who represented Windsor in the 2013 Supreme Court victory that helped lead the way to the nationwide legalization of same-sex marriage and a big supporter of A Wider Bridge, is leaving the mega-firm Paul Weiss to set up her own company. Big Law Business

North Carolina’s Jewish community angered after Gay Pride Parade is set for Yom Kippur; Organizers said they would find a solution following the complaints. Haaretz


Colorado-based writer Andrea Doray believes there are many parallels between pre-World War II in Germany and today’s situation in America: Neighbors turn on neighbors, because they supported a certain ideology. Englewood Herald

Orthodox Rabbi Shmuley Boteach is proud of the State of Israel for the dignity and equality that it accords its gay citizens and was disturbed by Rabbi Joseph Dweck being forced to resign after he had expressed his progressive opinion on homosexuality. Algemeiner

Following a tour of talks across the United States, Capt. Shachar Erez, an FTM transgender soldier, shares his experience in an op-ed, encouraging other governments and militaries still struggling with the issue of transgenderism to look to Israel for guidance. The Forward

Britney Spears‘s concert in Tel Aviv was an evening Rotem Schlesinger will never forget–not only because it was the first time she saw her former idol on stage, but also because it was the evening her girlfriend proposed to her. WDG