Weekly Round-Up: December 23, 2016

Stay up-to-date with our many communities: Here’s what’s been happening this week in the intersecting worlds of Israeli, LGBT and Jewish life!



As a young and different teenage boy she was constantly chased by the Israeli Police. Decades later, Efrat Tilma made a trailblazing step, and turned into the first transgender woman on the police force. A Wider Bridge

Lebanese, Christian, Gay – and fully Israeli. Jonathan Elkhoury fled to Israel with his family in 2001: “I would like to go back to Lebanon for a visit, but I live in Israel and that is where I want to make my contribution.” Arizona Jewish Post

The asexual community is currently at least 2 percent of the world population; They are here to fight off all the treatments offered to them ( “one pill and you’ll get an erection”) and mainly to talk about what’s it like to be asexual in a world that delivers sex like free newspapers ( “If it is possible to have sex without being in love, you can be in love without having sex”). Mako Pride


NEW YORK — Every year, while Christian kiddies were nestled all snug in their beds waiting for Santa, hundreds of Jewish gay boys and their Gentile friends make merry at Jewbilee, Hebro’s annual Christmas Eve celebration. New Now Next

UNITED KINGDOM — Britain’s first openly gay rabbis, Lionel Blue, has died aged 86. Rabbi Blue shot to fame on BBC Radio 4’s Thought For The Day, and stunned listeners when he announced he was gay. Jewish News UK


Israeli Channel 1 news aired an inspiring segment on the process in the religious community with regard to LGBT people. Activists from Havruta and Bat Kol were interviewed and shared stories about their lives as gays and lesbians in their religious communities. A Wider Bridge

Members of the LGBT community who are serving in the regular and reserve army, arrived Thursday to meet with President Reuven Rivlin, to talk about the military services and their unique service points of view. Arutz Sheva

Hoshen, Israel’s LGBT education organization, won an award at the Knesset for contribution to the quality of life, “for its contribution to respect, patience and tolerance in education and social networks.” WDG


Shira Banki (Z”L), the 16 year-old who was murdered during Jerusalem Pride Parade in 2015, will have a new hate crime center in Israel named after her. Out in Perth

Hunter Keith, a 17-year-old transgender teen and a longtime participant in Keshet’s LGBTQ and Ally Teen Shabbaton, appears in the current issue of the National Geographic, titled ‘Gender Revolution.’ A Wider Bridge

A public service announcement from the Association for Civil Rights in Israel has been banned from television because of its message of support for gay marriage. WDG


Model Talleen Abu Hanna, the Christian Arab Israeli who earlier this year won Miss Trans Israel, and 2nd place Miss Trans Star International, surprised the community as she entered season 8’s Big Brother house. Over a million viewers, 37.3% rating, watched the series premiere on Sunday and got familiar with Talleen’s story. A Wider Bridge

Gili Basson was born in a man’s body and now she creates exceptional clothing for women of all kinds. Calcalist


Imry Zagury, an instructor at IGY, “comes out” as a figure skating child-star who quit the sport because he was told it’s not “manly enough.” A Wider Bridge

Gay Jewish Dr. Warren J. Blumenfeld believes that he’s a good person, but he did nothing, and evil has triumphed in Syria. LGBTQ Nation

Senior rabbi and chief executive of Liberal Judaism, Rabbi Danny Rich, mourns Rabbi Lionel Blue (Z”L), Britain’s first openly gay rabbi. Jewish News UK

A recent trip to Germany made queer Jewish woman Becca Israel more understanding of her Jewish responsibility. J Weekly


Refusing to Choose: LGBTQ and Orthodox in Israel. A Wider Bridge presents a series of talks across the U. S. featuring Zehorit Sorek and Daniel Jonas, leaders of Bat Kol and Havruta, Israeli Religious LGBTQ Organizations. More details