Weekly Round-Up: August 19, 2016

Stay up-to-date with our many communities: Here’s what’s been happening this week in the intersecting worlds of Israeli, LGBT and Jewish life!



Miami Newspaper covered the South Florida visit of Executive Director of Ma’avarim, Elisha Alexander, and the Israeli transgender teen activists: “Ma’avarim, as well as other trans organizations around the world must work together, tell our stories and explain the importance of our work.” Miami Herald

In a very controversial op-ed in the New York Times, rabbi Mark Sameth says that the Hebrew Bible offers a highly elastic view of gender, including of God’s. The New York Times

A Wider Bridge is proud to announce that we have been chosen among the core grant recipients of The Natan Fund for the 2016-2017 grant year. Natan Fund’s Core Grants support a highly selective group of organizations that Natan has funded for more than three years. eJewish Philanthropy

What’s it like being the gay son of a soccer legend? For years, Gal Topolanski studied and performed all over the world as a dancer, following his passion which was contradictory to his father’s masculine world of soccer. Mako Pride


ILLINOIS — Kelly Cassidy vs. Conversion Therapy, round two: The Jewish lesbian Rep. who sponsored an Illinois law banning gay conversion therapy, said she’s met with people who have gone through conversion therapy and they tell stories of feeling suicidal, humiliated and alienated from their families. The Chicago Tribune

CLEVELAND — Community activist Brynna Fish attended the Pride festival on August 13, organized after the long-standing Cleveland Pride festival was canceled. Cleveland Jewish News


FRANCE — Rudolf Brazda, believed to be the last surviving man to wear the pink triangle — the emblem sewn onto the striped uniforms of the thousands of homosexuals sent to Nazi concentration camps, most of them to their deaths — died in Alsace, France. He was 98. The New York Times


30 people attended an evening with David Quarrey, the first gay British Ambassador to Israel. The event took place at the Tel Aviv LGBT Center and was hosted by Tel Aviv’s LGBT English-Speakers Group and LGBT Olim. A Wider Bridge

Tel Aviv municipal’s education system adopted an education program on sexual and gender diversity developed by Hoshen and will run it from the beginning of the next school year. Ynet

TLV LGBT Sports Club is an organized LGBT sports community that is co-directed by swimmer Sagi Krispin, who just came back from IGLA World Championships in Edmonton, Canada with one gold medal and two bronze medals. The Washington Blade


Omer Nahmany is remembered as the face of the struggle of gay reservist military men for equality. This week he announced the launch of a new LGBT organization “Gaava Kahol Lavan” (‘Pride Blue and White’) to strive for equality and protect LGBT soldiers and security forces. A Wider Bridge

The first childbirth preparation class for LGBT parents, which took place two months ago, raised the question of why it is important to distinguish LGBT parents from other parents. And is this separation wrong or harmful? Now, after the first cycle of the class ended with successful births, the midwife staff at Tel Aviv’s Ichilov Medical Center are certain that it helped LGBT parents feel more comfortable in the delivery room. WDG


Dana International never misses an opportunity to show the goyim that she’s a Zionist woman. Watch her singing “Hava Nagila” at Antwerp Pride while filming the audience. A Wider Bridge

Egyptian-Canadian actor Omar Sharif Jr. says the abuse for being gay has been far greater than that for having a Jewish mother, and that it took him by surprise. Radio Free Europe

Famous Israeli gay singer Harel Skaat releases “Good Morning, Sweetie” – and bridges between electronic and Mediterranean music. Listen. Ynet

Acclaimed indie rocker (and gender nonconforming Shabbat-observant Jew) Ezra Furman isn’t shy about expressing his Jewishness in his music. But he just released his most explicitly Jewish song yet. Jewish News UK

Lesbian violinist Alicia Svigals swept people off their feet at the Center for Jewish History in New York. This weekend she has another performance at the Tompkins Corners Cultural Center in Putnam Valley. The Forward


On the saddest day of the Jewish calendar, Robbie Medwed is mourning the worst tragedies to happen to his people – both the gay and the Jewish people. The New Civil Rights Movement

For Hannah Simpson, just like for many other transgender people, security scanning humiliation, complaining to the supervisor and a few extra invasive questions are just another day at the airport. So why did she feel like she failed as a transgender advocate? NBC News

Delta Airlines removing all the kisses from Carol is just the latest example of the arbitrary censorship lesbians have always been subject to. Jewish lesbian blogger Eleanor Margolis does not remain indifferent. New Statesman