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We Stand in Solidarity with the Transgender Community

A Wider Bridge’s Statement on the Trump administration’s consideration to narrowly define gender and rollback trans rights.

October 22, 2018

The Administration’s alarming assault on transgender rights will not be tolerated, and we will not remain silent. Transgender people seeking to live true and authentic lives deserve the same respect and decency from their representative government as cisgender people. These proposed policies are nothing short of a process of dehumanization, reminiscent of similar campaigns against gays and lesbians, immigrants, people of color, Muslims and Jews. The construct of a zero sum game between trans rights and religious freedoms presents a false choice that needlessly divides Americans into their political corners at a time we need to start seeing and hearing each other again.

A Wider Bridge calls on the Administration to reverse course on these measures. We also call on Jewish and pro-Israel organizations, leaders and communities to join the LGBTQ community in publicly opposing this deeply troublesome development, and lend support for the transgender communities of North America and Israel.


A Wider Bridge (AWB) is the North American LGBTQ organization (501c3) building a movement of LGBTQ people and allies with a strong interest in and commitment to supporting Israel and its LGBTQ communities.