Watching Youth on the Internet

Someone is watching LGBT youth on the Internet: after IGY (Israel Gay Youth organization) initiated the new project ‘Diggy,’ a few months ago, which aims to enable youth to connect with the organization and get help through WhatsApp. They are now launching a new system for detecting teens at risk online.

In the new project a team of volunteers will wander around the Internet, in forums, content sites and dating sites, and contact young people up to age 23 in order to give them the educational and supportive help that they don’t always run into on the digital sphere. The tracing is performed thanks to advanced systems on the web that locate dialogues of LGBT youth. During the shift, the volunteers locate the relevant dialogue and create a direct relationship with the gay youth who ask questions about their sexual or gender identity, and refer them to the organization’s various social activities.

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“Realizing that the youth spend a lot of time in digital spaces, we looked for a way to address them most effectively and of course in a discreet and safe way,” says Ido Cohen, Director of Digital Operations at IGY. “Gay Youth Organization is the only youth organization today that operates on all fronts known to youth, whether it’s on social networks like Facebook and Instagram, WhatsApp, or SnapChatt, the most beloved app by youth nowadays. We launched it earlier this year, with the help of rich content work on our website. All this is made from the desire to make the pride world more accessible to youth and the Israeli public.”