Watch: Talleen Documents Sex Change Surgery

Talleen Abu Hanna continues to amaze with her bravery and openness about being a Christian, Arab, Israei, Transgender woman. This week she allowed what many before her hadn’t – cameras in the hospital where she went through the Sex Reassignment Surgery, giving us a rare look at the process and the recovery.

Talleen Abu Hanna, Miss Trans Israel 2016 and the first-runner up of Miss Trans Star International 2016, spent the week in Thailand to undergo Sex Reassignment Surgery (SRS), and allowed Kamol Cosmetic Hospital to document the process.

“I’m very excited to have the surgery,” Talleen said in Hebrew and Arabic on October 10, moments before she arrived in the O.R.”I had an amazing night, I slept and dreamt about the new life I’m about to have, so wish me luck.”

A day after the surgery Tallinn received the first visit from the doctor, who said everything went well. But orders are still bed rest for five days. “I’m very pleased with the results,” Tallinn tells the cameras, “there’s no pain or swelling, it’s not what I expected. I was very fearful of the surgery, but now I’m the happiest.”

On the 2nd day after the surgery, 3rd day overall at the hospital, Talleen talks about having a little pain, but saying that the health care team took care of it immediately.

In the video from the forth day Talleen appears with Israela Stephanie Lev, a known Israeli transgender activist and also the executive producer of Miss Trans Israel beauty pageant. Israela accompanied Talleen during the process in Bangkok, making sure she’s not left alone for a moment. “I feel great, there’s no pain at all,” Talleen says.

The whole transgender community in Israel is following Talleen in her process, sending love and care. Talleen is expected to be released from the hospital early next week.