WATCH: Jews & Arabs Refuse to Be Enemies – So They Kiss

TimeOut Tel Aviv created a video in response to Israeli’s Education Minister banning a book about an affair between an Israeli Jew and a Palestinian Muslim. In the video, published yesterday and is already going viral around the world, the magazine simply asked gay and straight couples of Jews and Arabs to kiss.

the video shows six young couples – male, female, straight and gay – kissing for the first time. Some of the pairs were already friends, and others had never met before. (It’s a take on the Tatia Pilieva 2014 project First Kiss)

Ironically, its almost impossible to tell who is Israeli and who is Palestinian in the video.

Within hours the video garnered more than 100,000 views and some 5,500 shares, but by evening it had been removed from social networking site Facebook, possibly after some users complained. The magazine said in a statement that it did not know why Facebook had deleted the post and that it was in the process of checking.

TimeOut’s deputy editor Nof Nathansohn said the video had received mixed reviews, with positive comments on Time Out Tel Aviv’s Facebook page but also some expressing shock at confronting such a taboo subject in this way.

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