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WATCH: 2016 LGBTQ Leadership Mission

In November 2016 A Wider Bridge brought 30 prominent LGBTQ leaders from across the United States to Israel. In this new video you can get a taste of what they did there, and hear what they had to say about how this experience changed their lives.

A Wider Bridge’s 6th annual LGBTQ Leadership Mission to Israel took place between November 10 to 19, 2016. Our unique trip brought together an incredible and diverse group of 30 demonstrated LGBTQ and allied leaders from across North America, who got to see modern Israeli and LGBTQ life as well as the ancient roots of its people.

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“I Personally, came here not knowing very much about Israel,” said Bob Hartnagel, Chief of Staff, State & Federal Government Relations at University of California Office of the President, “I’m overwhelmed by what I’ve learned.”

“A safe space and a thriving space for LGBT people in this area of the world, where they have three religions, where at some level of their traditions says that it’s wrong to be gay. And the fact that they’re doing it here, it really feels that they’re doing it on the front line,” Richard Carlbom, Director of State Campaigns at Freedom to Marry says. “As a Christian, being able to walk in the old city of Jerusalem and see those places, being able to put my hands on the spot where Christ was born, seeing the different cultures and faith tradition all mixing at one place, it’s really profound.”

“This is not just an experience for Jewish people, this is not just and experience for LGBT people, this is an experience for people who want to change the world,” said Jason Barnes from Washington DC, “it taught me to do more, to be more of an activist.”

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