The Week After The Attack

Following Thursday’s stabbing attack at the Jerusalem Pride March, Voice Of Israel’s Molly Livingstone talks to Israeli activists about rallying for tolerance.


The stabbing attack left 16-year-old Shira Banki dead and five others wounded. Molly hears from Jerusalem Open House director of development Tom Canning, who gives an eye-witness account of the attack.

He also discusses the rally held in its wake, under the banner, “Love Always Wins,” which brought together hundreds of people from across the religious and non-religious spectrum.

Gay-rights activist Sarah Weil joins the conversation, sharing her experience of speaking with members of the haredi (ultra-Orthodox) community, and about opening dialogue and hearts. Molly is joined in-studio by Labor Party Youth Branch activists 16-year-old Eden Riskin and 15-year-old Or El-Goren about their grassroots movement to promote gay marriage legislation. Listen on The Voice Of Israel