Video of a Father Gives a Blessing in His Son’s Gay Wedding Goes Viral

A moving speech of a father during his son’s gay wedding didn’t leave one dry eye in the crowd and went viral in Israel.

Adi and Shalom. Groom and Groom.

Adi Maya, 27, from Tel Aviv, hairdresser for brides and events, married his partner, Shalom Zagori, 28, on Friday, May 5. Nothing could have prepared the couple for the moving speech that Adi’s father, Eli, gave for five minutes during the event.

“When our son came out of the closet, we decided that we wouldn’t let it happen, we wouldn’t let our son go through this by himself” he said. “I didn’t know what the word ‘homo’ meant until then, I knew it only as a derogatory word. A word that symbols weakness. It is customary to say that when a son comes out of the closet the parents go into the closet, and we, the parents, began to clarify with ourselves how the matter would affect us.”

“I began to explore this world in order to understand what Adi was going through,” recalled Mia.”I’d heard about parents who were ashamed of their children with news that your son is gay coming when the parents are not ready. My wife and I decided that it would not happen. That our son won’t be left alone. During that first month I had quite a few questions, I wanted to know that everything was alright with him, that he knew that everyone in our house was equal.”

Love of two men is no different from the love of a man and a woman,” he continued.”Our world forces children to wear masks. Shalom and Adi, you crossed borders together, you broke conventions, you fought against social norms. I would like to thank you, thank you for making me whole in my acceptance of your love. ”

“As parents of proud children, accept your children!” he declared in conclusion. “Every person has the right to love someone and to raise a family. And as a father of a gay child, I call on all parents to love your children. Look at these two here and tell me that their love is not true love.”