Veteran Gay Israeli Singer in Hospital After Health Scare

Gay Israeli singer Adam, who has been hospitalized for four months, reported on Friday that his medical condition is improving after he was admitted in the ICU at the beginning of the month, and fought for his life.

Israeli singer Adam was hospitalized for complications of gallbladder surgery. On Friday he finally communicated with his fans on his official Facebook page: “With God’s help yesterday I left intensive care, feeling a bit better.” Adam was moved onto the surgical unit in Ichilov hospital in Tel Aviv.

“I really want to be happy but I’m scared, so many times before I was sure that I’m going to be released and be back home and then something happened that took me back a few miles. I wish this time around the direction is clear,” Adam wrote. “My dear ones, I don’t have many words in my mouth. I have many thanks in my heart, thank you for the love and the strength that you send me in every possible way.”

“I’ve been going through a lot and maybe one day, when I have more strength, a song, or a movie or a play will be born,” Adam wrote. “In the meantime, I insist on staying optimistic, I trust the doctors who treat me, and I thank and believe that I will leave here safe and sound in my body and soul. Winter is favorite season of the year, and today for a moment I breathed a winter through the window. I want to live! ”

“115 days in Ichilov – and I am skinny, skinny, skinny. Shabbat Shalom,” the singer concluded.

The last time Adam shared an update on his condition was two months ago. He wrote that he was hospitalized for gallbladder surgery, and two weeks later he was hospitalized again with jaundice and severe pain. The complication led to acute inflammation in the internal organs.

At the beginning of the month, Ichilov’s hospital spokesman announced that Adam’s condition had worsened and he was moved to the ICU, where he stayed until Friday.

“According to the doctors, this is going to be a long and risky process,” Adam wrote two months ago. “I am optimistic because it’s clear to me that I want to get better. When you look at life from this angle where your life just stops, you have to concentrate on breathing and hold on to the good.”

Adam was one of the most popular male singers in the 1980s in Israel, and was voted year after year as Top Male Vocalist of the Year. In 1988 his hit “Mitztaer” (‘I Appologize’) was voted Song of the Year. In 2007 Adam came out as gay after years of rumors around his sexuality.