Uriel Presents: “This is Not Europe”

The gay Middle-Eastern party line “Arisa” has recruited the mother of Mediterranean music and a former judge in the TV reality musical competition “Israeli Idol,” Margalit Tzanani, to record the new anthem of the line

A song to protest people leaving Israel for Berlin, and about the expensiveness of the Milkey (a chocolate and whipped cream pudding)– two of the subjects that are currently in the forefront of daily Israeli social discussion.

The song, titled “Po Ze Lo Eropa” (‘This is not Europe”), which marks 4 years for the successful party line, is written in a humoristic way, embedded with gay Israeli slang. The video shows the face of “Arisa,” Uriel Yekutiel, dressed in a ball gown, walking around Tel Aviv and eating Milkey on the street with Sudanese refugees.

The song follows “Tel Aviv,” another song in the same format that was originally written for Arisa to celebrate Gay Pride and that later became a huge radio and dancefloor hit.

“Margalit is our mother of all of the [gay Mizrahi] scene, and is probably the most fun person in the entire world,” Omer Tubi, owner of the Arisa Mediterranean party line and the director of the video, told Ynet in a video interview. “The song ‘Tel Aviv’ is now played at weddings, and it was the first Mediterranean gay hit. People don’t really know it comes from us.”

“I don’t think that people look at this as ‘gay’ anymore,” adds Uriel. “Even this song, ‘This is Not Europe’ has already broken through the gay scene. Omer and I already receive feedback on this everyday all day from everywhere.”

Uriel Yekutiel and Omer Tubi

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The Cover of the Single “This is Not Europe”