Understand Trans* Women’s Life

Attorney Ronit Liran-Shaked, a transgender woman, educates people on social media about what does it mean to be trans* and how society, and especially the LGB community, can help trans* people to feel more respected.


To those who don’t know what it means to be a trans* woman – here’s a post that can help you understand it better. You are welcome to share this information. I’m not desperate and not in the closet. Everything is out in the open.

Trans* women pay a very heavy price for one thing, and one thing only – the freedom to be me – a woman.

In coming out of a gender-closet everything becomes extreme. The sexual harassments that transgender women suffer from aren’t the ‘classic’ sexual harassment that a woman suffers from a man. We’re talking extreme harassments that are one step before pulling a knife and stabbing.

A trans* woman is a woman who was born with a female brain, female identity and a male body – which creates massive interior conflicts. I tried to suppress it for years until I couldn’t any longer.

Trans* is not a noun, but an adjective that describes one of my characteristics as a human being.

You don’t “accept” me (or any other trans* person). This word should be out of the vocabulary. You respect me. “To accept” means that the other side has the ability and the power to decide whether I exist or not, and I refuse to give such power to any person. This is why decent human beings respect me.

And last but not least, and with all the curiosity you might have, don’t ever ask a trans* person what he or she has between their legs, especially not after two minutes of meeting them. This is not what determines who you are, nor does it determine the gender of a trans* person. This is the most disrespectful question there is.