Two-thirds of Israelis back an army open to LGBT troops

Peace Index finds support declines with heightened religious affiliation, from 81% among the secular to 29% among Haredim

IDF Soldiers

A large majority of Israelis say the Israel Defense Forces should espouse a “pluralistic and open value system,” including openness to LGBT soldiers, according to a major poll.

Among all religious affiliations except Haredim, majorities support such openness, the latest monthly Peace Index has found. The majorities are dramatic among the less religious: eighty-one percent of those who said they were “secular,” 76% of “nonreligious-traditional,” 57% of “religious” and 52% of “religious-traditional.”

Even among the Haredi public, where homosexuality and, for many, even military service, is taboo, fully 29% “believe the army should take a pluralistic approach,” according to the study.

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