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New LGBT/Jewish Children’s Books

Niche Publisher, My Family!, Releases Two New Children’s Books for the Jewish LGBT Community—Just in Time for Hanukkah

Chances are if you’re a gay or lesbian Jewish couple, you will be hard-pressed to find books that reflect your family—especially children’s stories and young adult fiction. You may find two or three titles if you’re lucky, but certainly not much more. This holiday season LGBT publisher My Family! is introducing two new history-making books that will accelerate the process of building a virtuous library (and legacy) for Jewish LGBT families.

The first of the two books being released is “The Wonderful Adventures of Benjamin and Solomon,” a tale of two scholars who get more adventure on one snowy night than they could dream of. Set in medieval Europe, this fairytale is penned by new author, Elena Yakubsfeld of Greenwich, CT. This book is for young adults.

“Benjamin and Solomon are not just students,” says publisher Cheril Bey-Clarke. “They are two young men whose intimate love for each other is as strong as any other couple. On their quest to recover a stolen prayer they trek through a magical forest, encounter dragons and confront angry knights in a towering castle. They are essentially gay, Jewish heroes and quite frankly there is no other story like this. We’re thrilled to work with the author to bring it to the community!” Accented with lively illustrations and playful dialog, this title explores Jewish history, devotion to God, and non-traditional ideas of family.


The second title being released is a picture book for younger readers entitled “Adopting Ahava.” It is a charming story of a boy named Jonathan who wants nothing more for his eighth birthday than to adopt a puppy. But after looking at all the cute, squirming tail-waggers with his mamas, Jonathan makes an unexpected choice. “Adopting Ahava” was written by Jennifer Byrne, who resides in Glassboro, NJ. “This is an adorable story about a beautiful family that radiates love and respect,” says publisher Monica Bey-Clarke.


Both titles aim to encourage childhood literacy, provoke thought, build self-esteem and help to reinforce morality already taught in the home. They are available for 25% off the retail price of $9.99 now through December 6 at http://www.MyFamilyProducts.net. (Use promo code: jcpr13.) Free shipping and handling in the United States.

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