Transphobia Still Exists

In a story that David Hagoli, an aspiring ‘writer’ whose stories are known as racist and insulting, uploaded to his Facebook page earlier this week, he describes a kiss with a transgender woman as a “punishment from God.”

The story takes place New Year’s Eve, when friends of Hagoli offer him NIS 100 if he finds someone to kiss at midnight:
“Bro, go and get someone, celebrate New Year’s Eve, hit on someone!” they told me. “No-one here is my taste…” I replied. “Okay, enough!” my friend said. “Stop being so picky! It’s only a chick, it’s not like you’re buying a car or something.”

Later Hogli describes how during his searches on the beach he met Shani, and only after the kiss he discovered that she was, to his definition, “a man.”

“‘Does she have a strange taste in her mouth, or am I imagining?’ I asked myself, and then I saw it. Something has grown in her spandex. Am I hallucinating or is it looking like a male sexual organ? ‘Wait a minute, did I just kiss a dude?’ I thought in panic. ‘What’s up? are you a man?’ I asked her in high pitched voice while pointing to the organ in the spandex. ‘Physically I’m still a man, but emotionally I’m a woman’, she/he replied. My fist hit him in the face and gave him a black eye, and by the force of the punch he almost fell. ‘What’s that, you punched me?’ he asked angrily, almost in tears. ‘Physically I punched a man, but emotionally I can’t hit a woman.’ I told him.”

Many comments to the story caused Hagoli to post a comment for all Facebook users who called him ‘racist,’ ’chauvinist,’ ‘homophobe,’ and ‘transphobic’ explaining why he believes his story is not at all transphobic.
“So why did the guy in the story punch the homo? Because he was homosexual? Not at all,” he explained. “The guy explained to the homo that he didn’t hit him because he was homosexual, but because of his impersonation of a chick while he was really a dude. That homo is a fraudster, a charlatan, a scumbag. He didn’t steal money, but who said that fraud is only economic? The case described is sexual deception. And that is why the guy in the story hit him, because he made a fraudulent sexual advance at his expense, not because he was a homo.”

Later, Hagoli commented back to one of the comments that stated that one in ten transgender women is murdered.
“Maybe this is exactly why?”, he wrote, “Imagine a situation where a straight man gets into it with someone at a club, they drift to a hotel nearby when the man is completely drunk, they have sex, and fall sleep. In the morning the dude discovers that the ‘woman’ he slept with has a dick. I am indeed not justifying it, but it certainly could be a motive for murder.”

The Nir Katz Center, which operates under the Aguda, joined an effort to delete the offensive content. A letter, sent by the Center to Facebook offices in Israel, read: “The behavior described in this post, even if the text was written as ‘literature,’ legitimizes violence against members of the transgender community. As shown by data of the Nir Katz Center, the transgender members of the LGBT population are the most vulnerable among victims of violence and abuse because of their identity, which makes them vulnerable to verbal and physical attacks on a daily basis. Attacking transgender people is not ‘theoretical’, but unfortunately occurs frequently and with a great deal of violence. Given these circumstances, we see this post as extremely harmful. We are confident that the behavior described in that post violates Facebook’s social values and the company’s policy and therefore we will ask that the post be removed and that the Facebook account of the infringer be blocked immediately.”

Following reports, Facebook has blocked one of the profiles of the writer, but he continues to write on his other account. You too can join the effort. Enter this link and report the profile as spreading hate. Help to close this account.