Remembering Leslie Feinberg

Transgender warrior Leslie Feinberg united all struggles for liberation: Workers World Party commemorated and celebrated the life and contributions of Leslie Feinberg, with a memorial in New York City on March 28 at the Martin Luther King Jr. Labor Center at 1199 SEIU United Healthcare Workers East.


Feinberg joined Workers World Party in 1973 through its branch in her Buffalo, N.Y., hometown and died at age 65 in November after decades of illness from tick-borne diseases. Her last, very deliberate words were: “Remember me as a revolutionary communist. Hasten the revolution!”

Building on the groundbreaking work of WWP member Bob McCubbin in his “Roots of Gay and Lesbian Oppression” (1976), Leslie developed the first Marxist analysis of the origins of transgender oppression in “Transgender Warriors: Making History” (1997) and numerous writings. She was internationally recognized for this theoretical work, as well as her activism for workers’ rights; lesbian, gay, bi, trans and queer liberation; the rights of women, prisoners and people with disabilities; and against racism and imperialism.

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