Transgender Speaker Canceled Because Event Would Be Hosted By Jews

Janet Mock, an African-American trans woman and LGBT activist, was invited to speak by the Hillel House at Brown University. The event has been called off after student activists objected that the speaker’s event would be hosted by a Jewish organization.

Janet Mock

A group of Palestinian activists at Brown University protested a lecture hosted by the school’s Hillel House because it allegedly “defended and even advocated for the Israeli state’s policies of occupation and racial apartheid.”

The speaker, however, was set to be Janet Mock, an African-American trans woman and LGBT activist from Hawaii who planned on delivering a lecture entitled, “Redefining Realness” as part of a year-long lecture series on LGBT rights sponsored by a Jewish group known as “Moral Values.”

The only problem, according to students who protested the event, was that a Jewish organization dared to host a lecture on equality when it is affiliated with a country that supports “colonialism, ethnic cleansing, and genocide of native Palestinians.”

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