Transgender History Lesson

From the story of the pioneer in the trans struggle in the 1950’s to the latest transgender rally in 2014: Green Times 2015 gives you a lesson in transgender history

yuval_cProject Gila’s “Green Times 2015 Calendar” presents a powerful view of Israel’s surprisingly rich Transgender history and present through 12 indelible events recreated in photos shot throughout Tel Aviv late last year.

From the story of Rina Natan, the pioneer of the Israeli trans struggle in the late 1950’s, and the visit of the first transgender performer, Coccinelle, in the sixties, through the legalization of sex reassignment in 1986 – from the history of queer bars, the work of Nora Greenberg to the seemingly impossible victory of Dana International in the Eurovision Song Contest – all of these and more are delivered in images and text written by a contemporary Israeli trans activist and will raise goose bumps with each new month and each page turned.

Project Gila’s “Green Times 2015 Calendar” was planned and produced by volunteers to raise money to assist the Israeli transgender community in dealing with challenges from bullying to legal help, and to raise awareness of this incredible and complex community.

Israel has made great strides in equality for the LGBT community but, as in the rest of the world, transphobia still exists. In January last year a transgender woman was brutally attacked in Tel-Aviv by a group of border officers. Trans people are refused rides by taxi drivers. Over the past year alone, Project Gila has provided support in over 60 cases of clear transphobia. And the group is also dedicated raising the visibility of the trans community and participating in LGBT education events.

A Wider Bridge encourages our readers who care about the transgender community and are interested in LGBT life in Israel to purchase this piece of history, and by that to contribute your donation to the organization.

As months have passed into years, we have witnessed humbled voices grow bold and the fearful grow strong, arm in arm with one another. But more than just witness, let us link arms with our brothers and sisters and cross this great bridge together.

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