Tragedy: Singer Amir Fryszer Guttman Died Trying to Save His Niece’s Life

Singer and director Amir Fryszer Guttman passed away Sunday at the age of 41 in a tragic incident of drowning during a party he threw for 30 of his closest friends and family, to celebrate a year since he recieved the news that he was misdiagnosed with cancer.

Singer Amir Friyszer Guttman will be buried tomorrow, July 25, at 18:00 at Menuchat Olam Civil Cemetery in Netanya. Prior to that, his coffin will be placed in the Habima Theater in Tel Aviv, starting 10:00am. At 12pm there will be a memorial service, and at 13:30 the coffin will be brought out of the theater. Fryszer Guttman’s family asked people planning to attend the funeral to come wearing white clothes and to bring only white flowers.

On Friday, Fryszer Guttman drowned on an undisclosed beach near Atlit in the north of Israel, where he and his family and close friends celebrated his “new birthday” – a year after he discovered he was misdiagnosed with cancer. He was evacuated to Rambam Hospital in Haifa, unconscious and without a pulse, while doctors performed resuscitation procedures. But his condition remained very difficult. Doctors at the hospital were able to restart his heart on Saturday, but he succumbed. After fighting for his life for over 24 hours, the doctors announced that they had exhausted their therapeutic abilities. Shortly after that, the doctors announced his death.

“After two days of medical effort, unfortunately, he died because of system failure,” the hospital announced. “At no point did he regain consciousness.”

He was survived by husband Yanai Fryszer, and their 4-year-old son Roy. The family of Fryszer Guttman, who signed up as organ donors, accepted his will and asked to donate his organs. The corneas of his eyes will be donated, but due to his medical condition following the chemotherapy he (mistakenly) underwent, no additional organs could be donated.

Amir (right) with husband Yanai and their son, Roy (4).

It’s also now being investigated whether the harsh treatment Fryszer Guttman underwent following being misdiagnosed with cancer is somehow related to his death.

Fryszer Guttman’s small party began Friday and continued on Saturday, until it was interrupted by tragic circumstances in the afternoon. The singer entered the sea with his niece and another girlfriend and the group drifted away. Amir was trying to save his 5 year-old niece and held her above the water until his body collapsed. A group of surfers managed to eventually rescue the girl and the woman, but Fryszer Guttman was pulled out without a pulse and without breathing.

The last video: Amir is seen happy and dancing in a video posted by BFF Michal Amdursky, minutes before he got into the water with his niece.

The tragic event took place during the weekend in which Fryszer Guttman celebrated a year in which, according to him, he received his life back. In March 2016, he was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, but a few months later, after being hospitalized and undergoing chemotherapy at Tel Aviv’s Ichilov Hospital, he was informed that he may not have cancer, but a less severe disease. “July 22 is my new birthday,” he told his friends at the time.

Amir was last publicly seen at the rally to protest the government’s position on adoption for same-sex couples. He was one of the most prominent voices to speak up against inequality for the LGBTQ community in Israel, and especially on the issue of fatherhood of gay men. He was scheduled to host the 2017  Gay Pride in Jerusalem that takes place next week.