Top Gaza News Agency Mocks Tel Aviv Pride Attendees with Homophobic Slurs

A major Palestinian news agency linked to the terrorist group Hamas mocked revelers at Tel Aviv’s annual gay pride parade with homophobic slurs in a series of widely-shared Facebook posts.


The Gaza-based Shehab News Agency used derogatory terms for gay men and women in its coverage of the LGBT community’s annual parade along the Mediterranean coast last week, which drew hundreds of thousands of people. The agency called the Israeli city a “settlement” and claimed that Israel has one of the world’s highest rates of homosexuality, which it described as an “anomaly.”

One of the most popular social media sites in the Palestinian territories, Shehab’s Arabic-language Facebook page has nearly 6 million followers.

Over 200,000 people gathered in Tel Aviv to participate in the region’s largest gay pride parade on Friday. “The sun is out and everybody is partying and having fun, the atmosphere is great,” Christian Tummann, a German tourist,told the Associated Press. “I feel so happy, so happy, that I can go to the Middle East and still be proud, it’s very nice,” added Dona Ulzen, who was visiting from Sweden.

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